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Aerosmith -- Cincinnati, OH -- September 2nd, 2010

Sammy Hagar setlist

01.There's Only One Way To Rock
02.I Can't Drive 55
03.On Top Of The World (Van Halen)
04.Space Satation # 5 (Montrose)
05.Rock Candy (Montrose)
06.Bad Motor Scooter (Montrose)
07.Best Of Both Worlds (Van Halen)
08.Three Lock Box
09.Right Now (Van Halen)
10.Finish What Ya Started (Van Halen)
11.Heavy Metal
12.Mas Tequila
13.Why Can't This Be Love (Van Halen)

HOLY SHIZZLE!!!!! Talk about a peformance, he was excelent. He played all the Montrose songs I wanted to hear, all the solo stuff & he didn't play the two Van Halen songs I wanted to hear most ("Love Walks In", "Dreams") but he did play some great Van Halen tunes. I headbanged like hell when he first got on stage.

Aerosmith setlist

01.Eat The Rich
02.Train Kept 'A Rollin (Tiny Bradshaw cover)
03.No More, No More
04.Love In An Elavator
05.Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
06.Livin' On The Edge
07.What It Takes
09.Last Child
11.Joey Kramer Drum Solo
12.Rag Doll
13.Joe Perry Guitar Solo
14.Stop Messin' Around (Fleetwood Mac cover)
15.I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
16.Come Together (The Beatles cover)
17.Sweet Emotion
18.Draw The Line
19.Dream On
20.Walk This Way

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- These guys kicked ass, & they were LOUD! They did my two favorite songs "Last Child" (Which I expected) & "No More, No More" but the performance itself was amazing & it was worth waiting & listening to the shitty P.A. music. I still can't decide who was better, Aerosmith or Sammy Hagar. But hey, they both kicked some major ass.
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