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Originally Posted by Dominicus 1988 View Post
Wait you know Andrew too? Hes the man
Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post
EVERYONE knows and loves the guy
Thank you!! Love you too.

Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Please explain...

As for the show, God damn! I finally saw a full Megadeth show without any mishaps. Truly a great show, especially since I ended up in the floor without GA tickets. And watching my girlfriend headbang and sing South of Heaven was a great moment too. She's learning so quick
Glad you made it onto the floor .. because I never saw you after I sneaked in so I wasn't sure if you couldn't make it in or decided to go back to the seats. Thanks a million for getting me on to the floor. It really made my night. I simply can't imagine being in a seat for Megadeth and Slayer. But I really enjoyed Testament from the seat I had, first row of the 116 section.

I'm glad you finally got to enjoy a full Megadeth set. Let's do this at the Gibson too

Anyone interested in my long-ass review, interview and my photographer's pics can go here:

P.S. Still searching for that pic of Mustaine wearing the Metallica shirt. Damn .. why didn't I sneak in my camera when I could sneak my whole body into the pit!
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