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Seriously my best show of the year. I got balcony tickets which sucked ass. So I enjoyed from there Testament. They were ok but im just saying that cause i was fuckin far. Me,Rjturtle,MetalheadAndrew,and friends snuck down to the pit right when Megadeth started. They were fuckin amazing.No injuries this time for RJTurtle!Towards the end I got to the front. So I was infront the whole fuckin time for Slayer. Great fuckin show. And I did get wet when Vic Rattlehead came out. Bootleg shirts were cool. They had 3 diffrent ones.

1.World Painted Blood artwork thats says-2010 Tour. Back has American Carnage tour flyer with the seasons/RIP artwork and of coarse the testament logo with dates.

2.A bloody slayer logo with bloody hand print. Back had members all zombiefied and it had writing. Not sure tour dates?

3.A badass one that had Slayer's skull army guy and right under it it said Megadeth. Didnt see the back. I would've totally gotten it but i ended up getting shirt 1 first.

The greatest show Ive ever been too,and thanks to RJT's evil mastermind i got to enjoy it on the floor.
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