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PRIMUS is still continuing to mix up the sets, I see. That's cool. Glad to see others are getting Fisticuffs, too. Our show in Cleveland was the first time they played it on this tour (much to my surprise and glee). We got Mr. Krinkle, but not Mud, so that's a trade-off right there. Over the Falls is even better live than I would have thought (we actually got it as an encore). I would have loved to hear American Life live - they've played it plenty on this tour, but we just didn't get it (or Sgt. Baker either, for that matter).

Bottom line, this is a pretty good set. So was the one I saw. PRIMUS can pretty much do no wrong, since (a) they have so much good material to cull sets from, and (b) they are fucking awesome. This set seems just a little shorter than Cleveland, though - they must love us more.
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