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Filter -- New York, NY -- August 21st, 2010

Venue: Bowery Ballroom
Source: Me

I took a long weekend trip to New York and went online to see if any good shows were in town. I was really happy to see Filter was playing. I grew up a big fan of Short Bus and I'd never seen them before. I've seen Army of Anyone, but it wasn't the same (even though A of A is sweet). The order may be a bit off toward the end, but they played these songs...

1.The Take
2.The Inevitable Relapse
5.(Can't You) Trip Like I Do
7.Captain Bligh
8.American Cliché
9.I'm Not the Only One
10.So I Quit
13.Welcome To The Fold

14.The Best Things
15.Take A Picture
16.Hey Man, Nice Shot

Great set. I'm glad they threw Under in there. Richard looked like he was seriously wasted and tripping the whole night. He was all over the place. People threw beers on stage, he threw beers back saying "Hey man, it's a party! Let's have a good time." Of course he's sober now, so he was just nutty, which was awesome!

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