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Exodus -- Montreal, Québec -- August 25th, 2010

We got there as soon as the doors opened to get our merch.
Exodus had: The old-school BBB shirt for 25$
The exhibit B shirt for 30$
The inside work of exhibit B 30$
A camo shirt for 30$
A long sleeved coat, dunno what material though for 40$
The cd, some pins, stickets, autographed dvd and vinyl
But I got the exhibit B back patch for my jean vest for 10$
BBB had the Exiled to earth cd and shirt, the feed the beast vinyl, cd and shirt, the mind pollution shirt and patches (which I bought) all shirt were 25$ and the patches were 5$.

So Malevolent Creation did not cross the Canadian boarder so we were left with three bands.
Bonded by blood took the stage and played in front of 20 people. They were so tight, and to see their lead guitar shred like he does is pretty impressive.
Here's their set:

1-Mind Pollution
2-Prototype : Death Machine
3-Another Disease
4-Exiled to Earth
5-Immortal life
6-Genetic Encryption
7-Feed the beast

I would have loved to hear Vengeance, Necropsy, Psychotic Pulse, Episodes of Agression, 600 A.B., Prison Planet. But I'm still happy I got to see them as it was their first stop in Montreal.

I hung out with my friends out back during Holy Grail and caught their last songs, they had amazing stage presence. They made me wanna look up their stuff, a litttle.
I know they played:

Fast as a shark (accept)
Fight to Kill
And a song about running your sword into the enemy's chest or something...

So Exodus was next, they got on around 21h10. There was about 200 people in the small bar they played so it was pretty much packed now.
Here's their set:

1- The ballad of Leonard and Charles
2- Beyond the Pale
3- Iconoclasm
4- Children of a Worthless God
5- Pirahna
6- Fabulous Disaster
7- Deathamphetamine
8- Blacklist
9- Don't make any promises (with bob tyrell in guitar)
10- War is my Sheperd
11- Toxic Waltz
12- Bonded by blood
13- Strike of the Beast
14- Good Riddance

Exodus was amazing, stage diving was great and the pit was just, I hate to say cuz it's cheesy, but it was Good Friendly Violent Fun.
Dukes jumped off the stage and went in the pit. And after 3 times of seeing Exodus, this was the first time the wall death of strike of the beast worked, were everyone held their positions.
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