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Originally Posted by jhdeity
Avenged Sevenfold not playing Bat Country is fucking awesome. Definitely their worst song ever. Yeah, even worse than Scream.
Pretty dead on there.

Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post
first off, great review. and sadly it seems like Avenged has pretty much forgotten city of evil and waking the fallen besides the 2 songs they have been playing on this set which is a shame. more of a possibility to hear songs when they headline but u wont get any rarities. possibly Chapter 4 off of Waking the Fallen.
If they're going to play songs from City of Evil (in my opinion, their weakest album overall), they should be playing The Wicked End, Strength of the World or M.I.A. In any case, they're supporting a new album with a relatively short set. Sort of anyway. Their sets are always short. When headlining, they play for like an hour, which is kind of lame.

They should've played I Won't See You Tonight pt. 1 in honor of The Rev.
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