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Ozzfest -- Mansfield, MA -- August 24th, 2010

What a shitty, rainy day weather-wise. I had a ton of fun for the bands that played, although I left after Nonpoint due to how bad the rain was. There was no way I could stay in my open air seat for 5 more hours after Nonpoint's set. I was soaked beyond belief, felt like I weighed double my weight.

Anyways, on to the show. We got there a little after 12:00, as the doors were opening. The line was small and we got in fast. The side stage area had a very small crowd at it, and as the time approached 12:45 and there was no band playing, I realized that Kataklysm dropped. Shit. However, 1:15 came and Goatwhore immediately took the stage. They got the crowd moving and played a great set. First time seeing them and they sounded awesome. Set might be a bit out of order. 8/10.

The All Destroying
Provoking the Ritual of Death
Carving Out the Eyes of God
Reckoning of the Soul Made Godless
This Passing Into Power of Demons
Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
Apocalyptic Havoc

Saviours was up next. I personally thought that they kicked ass. They were awesome live, and it was fun to burn one to their music. The singer/guitarist looked drunk out of his mind but they still played perfectly. The set is incomplete and out of order, but this is what I could come up with. 9/10.

Circle of Servants Bodies
Narcotic Sea
Slave to the Hex
We Roam

Skeletonwitch took the stage after Saviours and they were pretty sick. The crowd was into it, and they flew through a quick, yet punishing, set. 8/10.

Submit to the Suffering
Upon Wings of Black
Strangled by Unseen Hands
Beyond the Permafrost
Crushed Beyond Dust
Within My Blood

Kingdom of Sorrow was after Skeletonwitch and all I can say is WOW. Fantastic set, they got the crowd going crazy, and Jamey Jasta once again proved how great of a frontman he truly is. Excellent set, turned out to be my favorite of the day. 9.5/10

Begging for the Truth
Behind the Blackest Tears
Led Into Demise
Grieve a Lifetime
Enlightened to Extinction
Monuments of Ash
Free the Fallen
Buried in Black

After Kingdom of Sorrow, everyone was standing around for an hour, wondering when Drowning Pool would play...when they announced they were closing the side stage and that we all had to move to the main stage. I thought it was bullshit, the rain wasn't unbearable at that point but for "safety reasons" they closed the stage. No Drowning Pool or BLS.

During the hour wait until Nonpoint was supposed to take the stage, the rain started coming down extremely hard. I was drenched and pissed sitting in my open air seat, and Nonpoint's set dragged on and on. I was actually kind of looking forward to seeing them, but the rain made their set miserable. I did think that getting members of Drowning Pool on stage to play Bodies was pretty cool. 5/10.

The Wreckoning
Bodies (with members of Drowning Pool)
Bullet With a Name

After Nonpoint it was a group decision to call it a day. We all really wanted to see Ozzy but decided that it wasn't worth sitting in the pouring rain for 5 more hours. So we left right after Nonpoint finished, along with several other people in the same boat as us.

All in all, the day was definitely worth 10 bucks. Although it sucked that bands dropped and that I left early, I enjoyed myself thoroughly until I was so wet that I couldn't stand it anymore. If there's an Ozzfest 2011, I'll definitely be going. Let's hope for better weather next year though.

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