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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Didn't know they dropped wait and bleed, well anyway the point still stands, if you watch the making of the last album they point out it got the ball rolling, its what started them moving forward, like unholy confessions by Avenged, it was the first song to get them big airplay an shiz. Bother would've really put them on a high with a radio friendly hit. However, I never quite understood why Bother ss listed as 'Corey Taylor' on the Spider-Man soundtrack, off-topic, but its always confused me!
I can honestly say i've never heard Get Inside played on the radio before. But they played the shit out of 'Bother' when the album came out. I have no clue what Unholy Confessions is from A7x as i'm not a fan of theirs at all. Even if I don't like a band I can usually understand why they're popular but with A7X it completely boggles my mind as to why they're as popular as they are. It was cool to see Mike Portnoy trying to help out the musically less fortunate during their show though

Asylum is a good opener for Disturbed's show but the impact of it being the opener was lessened by the fact that not a lot of people know the song yet. Once the album comes out that should change though.
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