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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
Yes, I am still in the FC. The perks are worth $25 to me. The set list for this tour is very cool, but I am boycotting the whole cabaret thing. I can't believe how lame that is. I would love to see the set they are playing, though, if I could catch it at a non-cabaret show. But I will be in St. Louis that night for the Roger Waters tour anyway. Easy choice there.

I still love American Soldier, by the way.
Yeah, honestly, I got a lot of value out of the FC... including M&G passes, so no complaints there. I usually just forget to renew and then get distracted. The only reason I'm not boycotting is because I'd love to hear "Promised Land" live, basically. And because like four of my friends want to go, and they're pretty indifferent on the cabaret issue But yeah, I don't blame you on the whole Roger Waters tour... I'd like to go see him in Cleveland, but I don't think I can afford the tickets I'd like right now

I like American Soldier a lot too. It translated pretty well live imo. The date I caught in Chicago last year was pretty good.
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