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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
It is pathetic that he had to have a secret account for his wife to post with. Do you think he just posted with it or do you think she just posted in total agreement? And it is extremely hilarious that you spilled the whole thing. I bet that caused some serious uproar on the boards.

But yeah, that place is bizarre. I have only gone there 2 or 3 times, but I have left there shaking my head every time.
Oh she was definitely posting in total agreement. I knew all along it was his wife, but it was getting out of hand. After I spilled it, he relayed this dramatic story of Internet stalkers and how she had to hide to protect herself, but I sincerely doubt the veracity of the claims since after my outing they've never hid who she is and she is, well... still posting.

It is bizarre. Just looking at the rules over there is frightening. You should probably consult a lawyer before you agree to post there.

Are you still in the QR fan club? I let my membership lapse a long time ago... But I am thinking of going to see Queensryche in Chicago in October, mostly because I like the set list. Not at all interested in the cabaret...
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