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Originally Posted by EvilCheese View Post

Yeah. I was for quite awhile during the Mindcrime II era, but I just couldn't handle the tone over there. They basically clamp down on anybody not agreeing with their consensus in all sorts of crazy ways...

The reason I was kicked out is because I outed his wife (who at the time wasn't identified as such, but basically agreed with all his posts so he could go, "See!") Other people he's banned include his college roommate (among other friends)

You really can't get a more distorted view of Queensryche "fans" than you can from The Breakdown Room.
It is pathetic that he had to have a secret account for his wife to post with. Do you think he just posted with it or do you think she just posted in total agreement? And it is extremely hilarious that you spilled the whole thing. I bet that caused some serious uproar on the boards.

But yeah, that place is bizarre. I have only gone there 2 or 3 times, but I have left there shaking my head every time.
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