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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Slipknot didn't do Wait & Bleed or Left Behind on the first Mayhem fest in 2008. I didn't know Get Inside was that big for them. I always thought Bother was the song that sold the album. At least here in the US it was. Just like how Through Glass helped their second album sell well here.
Didn't know they dropped wait and bleed, well anyway the point still stands, if you watch the making of the last album they point out it got the ball rolling, its what started them moving forward, like unholy confessions by Avenged, it was the first song to get them big airplay an shiz. Bother would've really put them on a high with a radio friendly hit. However, I never quite understood why Bother ss listed as 'Corey Taylor' on the Spider-Man soundtrack, off-topic, but its always confused me!
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