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Damn you beat me to the first post of this!!! Yep couldn't have said it better myself. This was my first Testament experience. Why the hell it took me so long is beyond me but I'm just glad I finally got to see them. Alex Skolnick slayed for sure. After reading about Chuck's mic-stand air guitar it didn't do it just for the amazingness it was.

I probably enjoyed Megadeth the most out of all 3 bands. I forgot alot of those great songs that are on Rust In Peace. The highlight for me was probably "Take No Prisoners" from their set. I've given up getting mad about hearing "Trust" & "A Tout Le Monde" because they are obviously never getting out of the set so I have learned to accept it. Sound was absolutely perfect. Absolutely love the "Black Sabbath" opener they come out to. Ellefson got almost as much applause from the crowd as Dave did when he came out.

I can agree on the disapointment of the Slayer sound at Mayhem last year. Worst sound I had ever heard. Not Slayer's fault but it was just unfortunate. Sound was 100x better last night for sure. The one thing that was slightly disapointing was how Tom's not able to hit some of the higher notes/screams that he used to and he just left them out. I'm not trying to be negative about it b/c they were still amazing last night but some of that was kind of sad. I guess I just can't accept the fact that Slayer is beginning to get older. Maybe I'm the only one who picked up on this or even said anything, I don't know. That was only thing I noticed that bothered me. That being said, I enjoyed all of Season's probably more than I thought. Finally getting to hear "Skeletons Of Society" was pretty great for me. Might have preferred "South Of Heaven" a little more but can't go wrong either way. Show was just amazing top to bottom. Best show I have seen in quite awhile. And thank god for the bootleg t-shirt guy in the parking lot after the show!!!!

Link to pics from the show, some of the best I've taken in awhile. Manks I was on left side as well. Not sure we might have even been fairly close, I don't know:
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