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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Few observations on this.... First off yea you might catch shit but no biggie. I posted an Eagles setlist on here so I know how it feels. Can't say I feel about Halestorm. I had the misfortune of seeing them once before and yea... Not a fan. She might have a good voice but thats where it ends for them. Not sure if anyone has commented but Stone Sour not doing "Get Inside" is just unreal to me, instead they are playing multiple songs off an album not yet released.

But on a positive note atleast you didn't title the thread as something like: "uproartour,8-22-10,buffalo" or instead havingasentencethatisallonewordw/oanykindofspacesatall. Still a good start.
Well said. Not playing Get Inside is blasphemy...
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