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Originally Posted by bt11763 View Post
of course i have. lust in space is pretty crappy, but i don't mind beyond hell. i've seen them 7 times.
I've missed the last 3 tours. I'm not as motivated to go, especially when it looked like they were going for an increase in awesome with Electile Dysfunction and then just made a massively disappointing anniversary set. It's pretty sad when even in the 6 years I have been listening to them they have gone almost dramatically downhill. I would still say they have the best show in music, but after watching the Lust In Space DVD (which was awesome) it's clear that either they don't want to, or they can't keep up as entertaining of a stage show as they used to. Even their sets cater to the modern Corey Smoot crap metal sound they have developed, I mean, bringing back Cardinal Syn and NOT doing a single song off Ragnarok? What?!
I just hope their next tour they put together something more interesting.
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