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Originally Posted by old man View Post
I cant give an exact set list for Testament cuz I dont know their songs real well.I do know that Ill be checkin out more of their stuff .They were good.They opened with More Than Meets The Eye and we got Into The Pit.Chuck Billy called for a wall of deth and got it.Very cool.The Circle Pavillion sounded like crap but got better as the show went on as usual.Testament went over well with the crowd which was less than full at this time.Their stage set was 2tiered and I thought looked great.Megadeths set was the same as Clevelands.RIP start to finish was amazing and I really got into seeing 5magics and Polaris.They really smoked thru these songs and Dave and Co. were the best Ive ever seen em.(4th time).I could do without ATout LaMonde.Vic came out during Dawn Patrol and looked less cheesy than the u-tube video I saw.The whole band seemed "up for it" and the crowd was nuts.Ive listened to Slayer since SoH.but never seen em.My god Dave Lombardo kicked my ass.Same set list as cleveland but we didnt get Agressive Perfector.Maybe cuz Tom took an empty water bottle to the side of the head during the show.I felt like I was getti hammered by a machine gun for an hour.They were brutal.Dead Skin Mask was my faveorite.World Wide Hate was amazing too.It was a 93deg day in Chicago and the joint was hot as hell. The crowd seemed gassed after Slayer and left kinda silent and fast.Tee shirts were the best Ive seen.Dissappointed that only Testament included The Am.Carnage tour on the back.None with all 3 bands.New designed Megadeth shirts tho,really good shirts.35$ a long sleeve was 50$Went to the Mustaine book signing in the AM. and Dave was super cool.Shook my 15yr olds hand and had a small conversation abt guitar playing.Used both his hands to shake my kids,bowed his head and said"Heres some mojo for ya good luck!"My kid abt pissed himself.Great day in Chicago.
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