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American Carnage -- St. Paul, MN -- August 21st, 2010

I am not sure about Testament's setlist because I've never really gotten into them. Megadeth and Slayer's sets were the same as usual (Slayer also played Aggressive Perfector).

Like I said, I never really got into these guys so I was unfamiliar w/ their material, but they were excellent. They did the wall of death and got the crowd all primed up for the headliners. Chuck Billy is the best microphone stand guitar player I've ever seen.

Wow. Just wow. I've read the reviews of Megadeth whipping through Rust in Peace without any real crowd interaction so I was worried I was going to see a stale and mechanical peroformance. That wasn't the case at all. Even though Mustaine didn't talk w/ the audience, it was probably the most connected I've ever felt watching Megadeth. They were very tight and very into it. Seeing Rust in its entirety was a real treat. It was also the best I've ever heard Megadeth sound. Whomever they have doing sound these days deserves a raise.

Slayer's set felt like you were getting pummeled to death with a bat for 70 minutes. It was great! I'm not sure if the time off helped, buty Araya's voice has never sounded better. I miss Araya's headbanging, but Kerry and Jeff seemed to make an effort to move around a bit more to make up for it. What more can be said about Lombardo? The man makes drumming appear so easy. Finally, I love Seasons in the Abyss, but some of the songs just don't go over well live (Temptation, Born of Fire) for some reason. I'm not bitching, just an observation.

Amazing show. One of the best I've ever seen. Not only was it cool to see two of my favorite albums played in their entirety, it was just cool to see both of these bands play some different songs than the usual in a live setting. I would say the crowd was much more vocal and loud for Megadeth, singing along and screaming and yelling. The crowd was much more violent for Slayer. The entire floor was a whirling, stomping and thrashing mass of humanity for Slayer's entire set (especially War Ensemble, Dead Sking Mask and Raining Blood).

Even though I was in the balcony and away from the chaos on the floor, I felt drained after this show. Big Four tour? I was exhausted after seeing two of the Big Four. Not sure I could handle all four
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