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The show was awesome. Great stage, Lots of lights, pyro, and HUMONGOUS video screen behind the band. If you havn't seen it...Imagine your typical Iron Maiden type metal band black curtain with big picture or logo on it, except its a fucking HiDef video screen! Amazing!

Tommy Thayer sings Shock Me! (kinda weird)

Eric sings Beth, NOT to the old prerecorded track but to the other three playing acoustically. Kinda cool.

Paul flies out on the wire during I was made for loving you.

And I love Kiss but gotta say the new songs "I'm an Animal, & Say Yeah!" are such dead weight in this set. They went over like a lead balloon! The crowd was just waiting for more classics, which they played, but "Im an Animal" is such a dog!

Let me finish, by saying seeing KISS on Dimebag's 44th Birthday, was fucking awesome, me and a bunch of dudes I never met before all toasted Dime, and had a great time! He would have fucking loved that!

God my head hurts today!
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