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Originally Posted by Elvenking View Post
I was lucky enough to go to a meet and great with metal mike last night. Sadly, there were two of us there! TWO! Don't Understand this considering the place had dollar tacos and half price tap beer (they have like 40 different taps). Anyway I did ask him how come the band did not play any Priest as he said he would. Got the story of becuase this time around he is in both bands and wants to show more Halford to the world, but is thinking about doing a song or two. So Mike being the great guy he is, told us to pick two songs that we think would be cool to see. I picked Genocide and Jawbreaker, he really liked the jawbreaker idea. SOOOO Hopefully he runs the ideas to rob and they play them!
Never Satisfied is Priest,it's from their first album Rocka Rolla
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