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Okay, a couple of clarifications here:
  1. Based on what I heard, I wouldn't say Aggression are "like thrash", I would say they ARE thrash, and very clearly influenced by one of the founding fathers...Anthrax. Not too bad, for a small underground band (I assume this simply because I haven't heard of them or their label). EDIT: Oh, you meant "do you like thrash", didn't you? If that's the case, ignore the first part of my comment.
  2. Vektor are indeed awesome. I am just starting to get into them now. Their primary influences are clearly Voivod and Destruction, two of my favorite thrash bands from "back in the day". The vocals are almost spot-on for Schmier in some cases...eery.
  3. Don't forget that Skeletonwitch, Warbringer, Lazarus A.D. and a whole host of other neo-thrash bands are tearing shit up nowadays, too. Vektor is good, but I'm not yet convinced that they are the far-and-away leaders of the thrash revival scene...
  4. makethemsuffer is a crotchety old fuck.

That is all.
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