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86. Possessed - Seven Churches (1985)

Possessed are the true fathers of death metal. Seven Churches was the first death metal album to be released. Although this is a very primitive form of the genre, it is a great record and something everybody needs to at least give a listen.

87. Putrevore - Morphed From Deathbreath (2008)

88. Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying World (1991)

Awesome death/thrash. This was the only album Revenant released but it's nothing short of spectacular. It consists of longer songs, averaging around six minutes.

89. Ripping Corpse - Dreaming with the Dead (1991)

I would have to say this is the ultimate death/thrash album. Unfortunately the band split up before releasing a second album.

90. Rottrevore - Iniquitous (1993)
Ride the wings of death.

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