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31. Deathevokation - The Chalice of Ages (2007)

32. Decapitated - Winds Of Creation (2000)

Winds of Creation is Decapitated's strongest album. It is an endless riff fest that never feels dull. It's another one of my very favorites.

33. Deceased - Luck Of The Corpse (1991)

In the beginning, Deceased was a straight death metal band. Over the years their sound has evolved, incorporating elements of thrash, death, and heavy metal into their sound. Honestly, they've never put out a bad album.

34. Decrepit - Acrimonium (1997)

35. Decrepitaph - Beyond The Cursed Tombs (2010)
1.23 Ash Borer / Volahn
2.2 Obliteration
2.7 Mayhem / Inquisition
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