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The Guide to Old School Death Metal

Okay, I finally got around to finishing my list. This list is meant to be a guide to for newbies as well as those obsessed with the genre. There is one album per a band, that way the list isn't full of half a band's discography. The top 100 list will be first. Chances are, if you listen to a lot of death metal, you will know most of these bands, but you may find some hidden gems here. After the top 100 is a list of every other old school death metal album, EP, and demo I have on my computer. Of course I don't have everything (not even close), so if you have something that isn't on the list, please share it! I will add everyone's suggestions, assuming they are actually old school death metal. Keep in mind I will not be editing the top 100 list. It would be a pain in the ass to renumber everything, so if I happened to leave out an awesome album, sorry. Also, remember everybody's opinions are different. I tried to pick what I think is the best album by each band. If you don't like my choice, again, sorry. I added commentary to some of the albums, but I don't feel like typing a full review for each one. This smiley () indicates that I like the album a lot. And I know a lot of the images are poor quality. I took most of them off Metal Archives and resized them because I didn't want to have to use the new Google image search (which sucks). This took a long time to put together, so I hope you guys like it!

1. Abhorrence - Abhorrence (1990)

Abhorrence was one of Finland's early death metal bands. Despite the band only being active for a year, this EP became popular in the underground scene and likely had a great affect on future bands in the area.

2. Abramelin - Abramelin (1996)

3. Adramelech - Psychostasia (1996)

4. Apophis - Gateway To The Underworld (1993)

5. Arghoslent - Galloping Through the Battle Ruins (1998)
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