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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
What next go around? They've been touring pretty much non stop in support of Wrath for a year and a half now. Where else do they have left to go? When you've been touring for an album as long as they have they should have put some more variety in the set by now, instead of just switching up one or two every so often.

I don't doubt that the set didn't rule at the show but you would think that the band would at least get sick of it at some point and change something.
I ment they won't be touring in the US until the next album, so there will be at least a few more songs put in the same setlist (due to touring behind a new album). Sarcasm is really hard to translate over the internet
you are absolutely right they should change stuff up a lot more, they have a nice catalog to work from.
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