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Originally Posted by Motograter_Ghost View Post
Winds of Plague was alot better than I thought they would be. I enjoyed them and would prolly go see them again.

3 Inches of Blood I didn't really care for, the 80's called and it wants its voice back. The only band with an 80's sounding vocalist I will go see is DragonForce and thats only bc their guitarist has some pretty serious skills.

Wow... Hatebreed, FFDP, Atreyu, Chimaira and In This Moment are what's wrong with today's metal. 3 Inches Of Blood is the only good band in this years lineup so I didn't bother going. So what if their vocalist sounds like he's stuck in the 80's... that's when metal was as it's best and they just wanted to bring back that sound. But that's just me, I hate all that fucking metalcore and nu metal crap. I probably wouldn't mind seeing Shadows Fall though, I kinda dig their music, not the vocals
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