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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
Testament and Megadeth sets were same as before
I'm pretty sure the Testament set was different. I arrived late and didn't see their entire set. The part of their set that I did see, I only recognized half the songs. BUT they definitely played a song in between "The New Order" and "Into The Pit", which they did not do at previous shows.

There was also an interview with Chuck Billy on the local radio station, where he said they made 2 setlists for the American Carnage tour and would be alternating between the 2 setlists for shows that were near each other (like East Rutherford & Camden).

So here is an outline of the Testament setlist, hopefully some people can add to it.

< 2 or 3 unknown songs which I missed because I was late >
The New Order
< unknown song >
Into The Pit
< 2 or 3 more unknown songs when I went to get beer>
The Formation Of Damnation
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