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Mayhem Festival -- Oklahoma City, OK -- August 14th, 2010

Winds of Plague was alot better than I thought they would be. I enjoyed them and would prolly go see them again.

3 Inches of Blood I didn't really care for, the 80's called and it wants its voice back. The only band with an 80's sounding vocalist I will go see is DragonForce and thats only bc their guitarist has some pretty serious skills.

Shadows Fall was amazing and alot of fun, damn his dreds are getting long.

I was disappointed in In This Moment, she wasnt as hot as I wanted her to be and I had hoped her performance would make up for didnt. She can scream but thats about it.

I'm ashamed to say it but Atreyu wasn't that bad, I don't particularly like thier music but they did have good energy on stage and a couple of my friends dig 'em so it was nice to see them enjoy a band they like.

Chimaira was good, they seemed to pick up more energy as the set went along. They did really good with what small stage they had to work with and same goes for Hatebreed.

Hatebreed brought real good energy and "Destroy Everything" was awsome however I was a lil disappointed they didnt play "Defeatist" but oh well.

Five Finger Death Punch owned! Ivan did very good at keeping the crowd pumped. He brough out this big sign that said "F*CK" and told us about the fines if they "Fuckin' get caught cussing, what's up with that shit?" very funny. They bring it live everytime. Zoltan was amazing as always They had great energy even tho I could tell Ivan was pissed about not being able to cuss he didnt take it out on the crowd and still gave it his all. He threw waters to the crowd as it was so flippin hot he knew we needed it. He hollered out, "Hey security, you need to be nicer to these kids, they came here to have a good time." That was cool, Ivan rocks it out on stage and has time to show he actually cares for his crowd. The music was incedible, there is not many bands that sound better live than in the studio and they are one of those few. They are well worth seein again and again.

I didnt get to see much of Lamb as a couple of the girls that came with me started feeling sick so we left early but I'll see them some other time I only really wanted to hear 2 songs from them anyway and turns out one of them they didnt even play. Zombie I've already seen before, he puts on an amazing show. Korn I dont care for, I hear they bring it live and I would have liked to see just out of curiousity but I'd rather be a good friend so we made our way home. Up next on the agenda is Uproar Festival
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