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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Not 1 song from Diary of a Madman? My favorite album of his by a mile? WOW! Some good stuff in there but play Diary for the die hard fans if nothing else...
We don't agree on a lot of things, but I definitely agree with you here. I love Diary as well, none of the other albums even come close to being my favorite. I would personally love to hear the title track or Over the Mountain.

I'm definitely going to the Mansfield show, but I might be doing the Hartford one as well. Should be a good time. Pretty good sets from Halford, Crue, and Ozzy (even with the lack of Diary material, it'll be great to see Shot in the Dark).

If anyone finds the setlists for Kataklysm, Skeletonwitch, or Goatwhore, it'd be much appreciated.
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