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American Carnage -- Lowell, MA -- August 14th, 2010

Setlists seemed to be the same as posted for the NJ show earlier...

We got to the show a little late, so we completely missed Testament, which none of us really minded. Got in just as the house lights went down for Megadeth. They sounded good, but Dave spoke even less than usual (maybe he is trying to be Maynard James Keenan?), and pretty much just kept his head down and played and sang. Probably one of the better 'Deth shows I have seen, except that they seemed to be a little rushed... I don't know if it was because of curfew at the venue or what but they just jumped from one song to the next.

Then Slayer. I have never seen them before, and was not sure what to expect. My friend that was with me was a huge fan from way back, and he kept telling me what a brutal show to expect, but the online reviews led me to believe they had gotten tame... They came on and..... nothing. They were fast and loud, but certainly not "brutal". Even the crowd didnt seem to be all that into them. We were in seats just above the "pit" which never really took off like I expected it to! Anyway, I thought that Araya sounded pretty good, and didn't seem to have any trouble moving around at all.

I'm glad I have finally seen Slayyyerrrrrrrr (!) but really would not be in any huge hurry to spend my money on them again. Speaking of which.... $55 for a t-shirt???? I don't think so!
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