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Yeah we left halfway through Soilwork. I like their new album but they're boring as fuck live. Death Angel and Mutiny Within stole the show for me. MW were incredible live. Augury might have had the worst stage prescence I've seen all year. The way the singer holds his guitar, his glasses and short hair then vomiting vocals had people laughing. It just didn't fit.

Mutiny Within came and hung with the crowd and were selling their cd's for $5. All 4 of my friends bought cd's and were raving about them all night. They absolutely killed it.

Death Angel slayed but actually cut my favorite song Voracious Souls for some reason. I'm guessing because MW played 2 more songs than I've seen on here. Either way it SUCKED to only get 8 Death Angel songs when they were so great. They seriously should have headlined.
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