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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
-godawful guitar tone
-arayas voice now sounds like a 5 year old girl
-panning hard right and left sounds terrible live
-being pretty boring to watch while performing other than headbanging and making "tough guy" face
-opening with 2 songs from WPB as if that isn't the most underwhelming thing ever
-lazily replacing half of the decent solos with stupid noise that just sounded annoying live as opposed to awesome the few times it's done on studio (think Altar of Sacrifice)
-actually fucking up several riffs, i could make a list just like this of times this happened
-being out of sync with each other from time to time.
-kerry king looks like a douche
-did i mention it sounded like shit
Hahaha, oh wow, if that's the case I really have no interest in going considering they barely play any material I am interested in. Seasons isn't bad, certainly better than South of Heaven but a set comprised solely of it, WPB, and their 'hits' doesn't sound good at all.
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