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Sick of the bull shit

For all of you on here who kiss dave mustaine's ass, STOP... he made rust in peace suck!!!!!! After Rust the vibe in the place picked up and the sound was much better, but please stop licking this bitter man's cock. Also Slayer kicked so much ass, give Tom a break he is like 50 and just came off back surgery and still comes out to kick our asses. I love King Diamond but his lazy ass hasn't been out since his back surgery like 4 years ago!!!! And to whoever dissed Kerry King, I dare you to say that to his face, the man looks like he could kick some ass. If you don't like slayer don't go to a slayer show just to bad mouth them after. If you like Megadeth and could care less about slayer you could have left right after their set was over!!!!!! This was the best show I have been to and can't wait for more Slayer in the future.
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