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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
You really can't blame the bad sound all on Slayer, especially the bit about Araya sounding like a 5 year old girl. I've been to a few shows where the vocals have been like that (Children of Bodom and Metallica come to mind), so it probably has to do with the volume more than anything.

Shit, am I the only guy here that thinks Slayer was the best that night?
True, a lot of the complaints I listed might not necessarily be Slayer's fault (so I guess my original statement where I said "slayer suck live" was probably a bit overblown), but that didn't really make them detract from my enjoyment any less.
Originally Posted by the chewbacca defense View Post
maybe i'm going deaf, but based on clips i've seen of the NJ performance, Tom sounds great
Actually he did sound pretty good for the last few songs, it was mostly through most of SITA that he started sounding bleh. It sounded like he was practically just speaking through Blood Red and Hallowed Point, like a shy girl at karaoke.

Also WPB song vocals sounded like the WPB album... which I think Tom sounds pretty bad on. Honestly I was kinda hoping that the live experience would somehow make me see something I might have been missing about the newer songs, and it definitely didn't do it for me .
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