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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
-godawful guitar tone
-arayas voice now sounds like a 5 year old girl
-panning hard right and left sounds terrible live
-being pretty boring to watch while performing other than headbanging and making "tough guy" face
-opening with 2 songs from WPB as if that isn't the most underwhelming thing ever
-lazily replacing half of the decent solos with stupid noise that just sounded annoying live as opposed to awesome the few times it's done on studio (think Altar of Sacrifice)
-actually fucking up several riffs, i could make a list just like this of times this happened
-being out of sync with each other from time to time.
-kerry king looks like a douche
-did i mention it sounded like shit
You really can't blame the bad sound all on Slayer, especially the bit about Araya sounding like a 5 year old girl. I've been to a few shows where the vocals have been like that (Children of Bodom and Metallica come to mind), so it probably has to do with the volume more than anything.

Shit, am I the only guy here that thinks Slayer was the best that night?
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