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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
saw them in december headlining for endgame.
It's not a proper headlining run unless it skips Kansas.

I didn't look at Megadeth's set, I can probably hold off for 2 weeks so I won't know exactly what's coming. And I'm going in expecting Slayer to be Slayer. The rest of those complaints listed are things that will be shaken off after a week on the road.

God damn, this show is FINALLY happening. I bought tix almost a year ago. I'm pissed because it was conveniently on a Thursday while I still live fairly close to the venue, and now it's on a Tuesday when I'm gonna be almost an hour further away and have an 8 AM class the next day.
2/9 Black Sabbath
4/13 Intronaut
5/5 Kvelertak - Torche
9/15 Black Sabbath

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