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Slash -- Brisbane, Australia -- August 12th, 2010

Mean Bone (Slashs Snakepit)
Night Train (Guns N Roses)
Sucker Train Blues (Velvet Revolver)
Back From Cali
Beggars And Hangers-On (Slashs Snakepit)
Civil War (Guns N Roses)
Rocket Queen (Guns N Roses)
Fall To Pieces (Velvet Revolver)
Dirty Little Thing (Velvet Revolver)
Nothing To Say
Watch This (Instrumental)
Slash solo
The Godfather Theme
Sweet Child O Mine (Guns N Roses)
Slither (Velvet Revolver)

Communication Breakdown (Led Zep cover)
By The Sword
Paradise City (Guns N Roses)
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