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Thrash and Burn -- Asbury Park, NJ -- August 10th, 2010

So it wasn't too bad of a show, I had a pretty good time. Chelsea Grin didn't play because the singer broke his jaw the day before and Greeley Estates didn't play because their van broke down, which really didn't bother me.

So Motionless in White played first and they suuuuucked. They looked like a group of emo fags. They tried to incorporate these awful generic breakdown in every song and it was bad. They also butchered a cover of Rob Zombie's Dragula, which honestly had like 4 breakdowns. In case anyone cares I got some of their set. 1/10
Billy in 4C Never Saw It Coming

Next was one of the first bands I was really looking forward to, Periphery. These guys were really good live, I love their first cd and they played spot on. A lot of the scene kids didn't like them because they don't always have omg Br00tal breakdowns, which was good because their wasn't a lot of HXC dancing bro. 8/10
1. Zyglrox
2. Buttersnips
3. Light
4. Icarus Lives
5. Letter Experiment
6. The Walk

Next up was Evergreen Terrace and I gotta say these guys were pretty good live. I listened to some of their stuff before the show but I didn't really know a whole lot. They had a lot of energy and were able to even get a circle pit or two going. 7/10
1. Enemy Sex
2. New Friend Request
3. Where There Is Fire We Will Carry Gasoline
4. Dogfight
5. Wolfbiker
6. Madworld
7. No Donnie, These Men Are Nihilists
8. Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton

After them was a band I was really looking forward to, Impending Doom. These guys killed it live. Great energy, really got the crowd going. This was my first time seeing them and they were so awesome. Easily my second favorite band of the night. 8.5/10
1. When Waters Run Deep
2. The Serpent Servant
3. Anything Goes
4. The Great Fear
5. Silence the Oppressors
6. More Than Conquerors

On next was Stick To Your Guns and they were good. A lot better then when I saw them back in April with Unearth and Veil of Maya. They're a decent hardcoreish band with a lot of energy and a positive message. If they played another good bill like this I'd see them again but I wouldn't go outta my way just to see them. Set may be a little wrong. 6.5/10
1. What Separates the Heart from the Heartless
2. Where the Sun Never Sleeps
3. ???
4. Tonights Entertainment
5. Amber? (I think thats the song they played)
6. What Goes Around
7. Enough Is Enough
8. This Is More

Stayed outside for Kittie, did not see one song by them because they suck.

Finally, the main band I came to see Born of Osiris. These guys were amazing live. Last time I saw them was last year at Summer Slaughter and they were so much better this time. They were almost album quality live, every song was awesome, they had great energy and really got the crowd into it. These guys alone were worth going, at least for me. 9/10
1. Rosecrance
2. Empires Erased
3. Abstract Art
4. The New Reign
5. Brace Legs
6. Now Arise
7. Exist
8. Bow Down
9. Visualize Perfection (new song)
10. Open Arms to Damnation

After them I left because I was tired, oh and Asking Alexandria sucks. I saw them at Bamboozle and they were awful. But if you like some of the bands then I could recommend this show because I had a really good time.
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