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im redoing my set from awhile back, including some new songs. and making it shorter lol

1. War of Wrath
2. Into the Storm
3. Ride into Obsession
4. The Script for My Requiem
5. Otherland
6. A Voice in the Dark
7. Traveler in Time
8. A Past and Future Secret
9. Valhalla
10. The Curse of Feanor
11. Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
12. Journey Through the Dark
13. Battlefield
14. Majesty
15. Somewhere Far Beyond
16. Wheel of Time
17. Imaginations from the Other Side
18. The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
19. Lost in the Twilight Hall
20. Mirror, Mirror

if only they could play concerts around 2.5-3 hours like Rush there is so much more i could put on there...
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