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Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
I was going to do a huge multi-quote, but decided against it, so:

1. Imaginations is, by far, my favorite BG album.
2. Personal favorites and all that, but Mercenary looks sort of odd there? I know they played ProgPower a few times, but I've always associated them with melodeath like Scar Symmetry rather than prog/power metal.
3. Symphony X is awesome because you can use pretty much any of their albums post-Damnation Game and it would work.
4. Ark, Kamelot, and Masterplan... but no Conception?
5. Orphaned Land.

I tried listening to Grand Illusion to prep for ProgPower - some of the songs are awesome (Cuts Like a Knife and I'm Still Alive ftw), but the production is treble-heavy to the point of being painful for me to listen to. Is there an album before GI should I try instead?

Whining aside, this is really cool - there's a ton of bands there that I keep meaning to check out but never get around to, particularly Pagan's Mind and Redemption. Thanks!
-On the subject of Nocturnal Rites: Try "Shadowland".

-Fair point on Conception. I heavily considered "Parallel Minds", but wound up excluding it. Maybe I should've put it on.

-Overall I really agree with you on Mercenary, but I think on The Hours That Remain they definitely crossed over enough into Progressive Metal from Melodic Death Metal to be considered for the last. There is a song or two with no growls at all, and they are used much less overall.

And thanks to the folks who gave compliments! I realize it's not a perfect list, this was sort of a first draft.
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