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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
I'm pretty sure most of those filed under "progressive metal" are progressive power metal records. I hate to be a genre Nazi but putting out a list of essential prog metal records without including Leviathan, Destroy Erase Improve, or one of the last 3 Death records is... not right.
At least 10 of the albums on the prog list have not much in common with power metal at all, save for the lack of extreme vocals.

And while I love those albums (save for messhuggah who i just cannot get into) it is somewhat arguable that those albums are not progressive in themselves, but just have progressive elements. Even TSOP to me sounds like Death Metal... with heavy prog influences. But yeah I guess if Symphony X can get on the list, Death should too. (speaking of which Jeff, nice choice of SX album, DWOT is definitely the best imo).
Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Pain of Salvation
Also I'm pretty surprised you're not into this band, or at least a couple of their albums.
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