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Soundgarden -- Chicago, IL -- August 8th, 2010

Lollapalooza set:

1.Searching With My Good Eye Closed
4.Rusty Cage
5.Blow Up The Outside World
6.Let Me Drown
9.Jesus Christ Pose
10.Fell On Black Days
11.Ugly Truth
12.Get On The Snake
13.Burden in my Hand
15.Black Hole Sun
17.4th Of July
18.Face Pollution
19.Like Suicide
20.Slaves and Bulldozers (with Jack Irons)


Fantastic set, dying to see video from this. I wish they had done Beyond the Wheel but I get them not wanting to do that often cause of the extreme toll it must take on Chris's vocal chords that while in much better shape are lets face it, not what they were in the early 90s.
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We miss you Ronnie...
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