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Still can't figure out the 4th song, it had a sample at the end to.
I am 90% sure The Visible Man was played as well, I just don't remember when.

Was a fantastic show. Man Among Wolves were a really typical grincore band, nothing special but by no means bad.
Population Reduction were not as musically good as the last time I saw them (I talked with the drummer after the show and apparently they had only practiced 3 times in preparation for the show since the guitarist just got back from touring with a different band, so that could be why) but were equally as funny on stage, albeit significantly more self deprecating, and the set was still killer. No Black Metal Beach Party or Art Fucking Sucks...
Funerot were unbelievable, I had no idea they would be as awesome as they were. Great crossover without the lame nu-thrash scene elements that Municipal Waste and that whole lot have brought to modern thrash. I didn't know most of the songs since I had only heard one 7" prior to the show, but Ryan (idrinkwine) grabbed the setlist for me, so I can verify it's accuracy. The band members were also easily the nicest people in a metal band I have ever met, really friendly, talked with the drummer for awhile about art and Impetigo, I also got their LP and a shirt. Real shame they are done for, but at least I got to see em. The one very lame thing was that the crowd did NOTHING for Funerot. Besides myself and a few other people headbanging they were completely still and did not get into it at all. Guess they were to punky for the crappy exclusively death metal scene, just a sad way for Funerot to play their last bay area show.
I think it would be safe to say I prefer Ghoul's studio work to Impaled's (not by much,) but after seeing Impaled last night I'm going to say I definitely prefer Impaled live. Impaled were amazing, and I would rank the two times I have seen Ghoul in my top 15 concerts without a doubt. I did not realize how theatrical Impaled were; I knew about the whole uniform getup but they went all out with severed heads, sirens fog and random other macabre stage decorations. Ross also managed somehow to get even more awesome and in character than Cremator ever has when I have seen Ghoul. I remember reading Jackson's review of an Impaled show a few years ago and him mentioning them giving a shout out to all the kids who had school the next day, I guess this must be common place at Impaled shows because they did pretty much the same thing, which somehow was quite cool and didn't venture to far into cheesiness. The set was a little shorter than I had hoped, but I briefly talked with Raul after the show and he said they did a short set because they did not know how long the timeslot was going to be and had not rehearsed enough songs to do an encore. Either way the show was awesome, one of the best I have seen in a long time.
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