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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
It's just when I think about what I've heard those are the two weakest songs from those albums, there is so much better stuff they could be playing. Ok they played Be All, End All along with Antisocial, so I will let the hook off just a smidge. But Got The Time? Over Intro To Reality/Belly Of The Beast? Discharge? Time ? Got The Time maybe a "hit" but it's a hit no one gives a shit about.
I agree that there are a lot better songs than GTT they can do. But to think that Discharge is something they would even comtemplate putting in the set is just way out there. It's not something they've ever done live and if they have it was very little. There are a lot better tunes off POT they can pick and that's where my issue with them always doing GTT comes in to play. BOTB is one of their best known songs and still hasn't appeared in any of the sets since Joey got back as far as I know and that's a real head scratcher for me.

Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I had no idea that was the consensus on Got the Time, honestly. I love it. Listen to it all the time. Love the bass, love the chorus, just generally love the song, and would imagine that it translates awesome to a live arena, just like the comparable Wrathchild does.
Yeah that's the consensus for the dedicated Anthrax fans on GTT. It does work well live and is a fun little rocker in the set. But there are many more songs not only off that album but from the rest of the Belladonna era that are way better that they completely ignore live.

There's just no way GTT rocks better than ATL, AIR, IMW, KIITF or BOTB live. Also, how the fuck is ATL not been a standard in their most recent sets?
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