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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
It might not do any good, but tell ya what, go for it. You've piqued my interest.
Frizzle Fry: Too Many Puppies, The Toys Go Winding Down, Pudding Time, Harold of the Rocks
Seas of Cheese: American Life, Eleven, Tommy the Cat, Fish On
Pork Soda: Welcome to This World, DMV, Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon, Mr. Krinkle
Punchbowl: Mrs. Blaileen, Southbound Pachyderm, Over the Electric Grapevine
Brown Album: Golden Boy, Over the Falls, Shake Hands with Beef, Puddin' Taine, Duchess
Antipop: Lacquerhead, Bodacious

Some of the above are just so damn good. Some are really catchy, some are really heavy, and several are fairly unsung and under-rated. If you can get through that list and pretty much hate them all, then I think you can safely say that you truly do not - and probably never will - like PRIMUS.
9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
10/16 Kylesa / Inter Arma / Indian Handcrafts / Irata
11/13 Windhand / Monolord
12/30 Clutch

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