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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Played through some hits I was vaguely familiar with (John the Fisherman, My Name is Mud, Winona, Jerry) and played Fisticuffs because you seem to like it so much. Fisticuffs was my favorite but it still didn't really move me. I can appreciate how good they are, and I'm sure the way I feel about Geddy Lee could be 'd by people who feel the same way about Les. Comes down to taste is all.
Well, those are some of the campier songs for sure. Not that all PRIMUS isn't campy to some degree, but to be honest I really don't even like Wynona all that much. I mean, it's OK. Jerry is OK, too - but it has been played like a bazillion times. I could see people being sick of it. Mud is pretty awesome - mainly because it really features Les's slap-style of playing, which is just so damn good. John is also a "classic" by PRIMUS fan standards, but I can see why it wouldn't appeal to some folks.

Tell you what - I'd be willing to throw together a "listen to this here shit" list if you'd be interested in running through it just once. You might find some stuff worth liking after all. It's up to you.
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