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Boris -- Philadelphia, PA -- August 4th, 2010

I dont think ive been to many shows where every band was fucking amazing, and oh were they all fucking amazing.

The show was Disappearer who is a stoner/sludgeish band outta boston who killed it, Russian circles who also killed it, and the almighty BORIS!

So heres my story:

Im from NJ and my brother lives in philly so i like to go down there and check out shows there instead of say, NYC. so i missed my first train down and had to catch another one, which stopped in trenton for a transfer to go to philly. with just my luck i had to wait 45 minutes for that fucking transfer! got into the city and my brother picked me up and we went straight to the starlight ballroom. Waited in line for doors to open at 7:30 and my brother left because he had a show to play, and unfortunately for him didnt come back untill boris's 3rd song. this was my first show on my own, and i thought it was pretty cool. i didnt have to wait for anyone to do their bullshit, and could do whatever the fuck i wanted without congregating with my friends. so i got a nice spot over at a table on the side to watch disappearer and russian circles. the sound was amazing over there, and i could enjoy a show without some motherfucker trying to talk to me the whole time. Both the bands were amazing, but unfortunately i didnt know any song names so i dont have a set for either. After russian circles the mighty boris came on, and i promptly got a spot in the crowd front row center,and was ready for my eardrums to be destroyed. Boris fucking killed it. definately one of the most amazing shows ive ever been to.

Boris played:

1. Farewell
2. Rainbow
3. 8
4. Luna
5. Statement
6. Floorshaker
7. a bao a qu
8. 16:47:52
9. Akirame Flower
11. Korosu
12. 1970
13. Untitled (last track of smile)

as has been going on recently, michio kurihara played the entire set with them and just put it over the top. After the show i went to the merch booth got a pink boris shirt that says farewell on the front, and BORISPINK on the lower back. i also got the new Boris/Ian Astbury (from The Cult) collaboration called BXI which is awesome.

also if anyone is interested here is the gear they used
Two Sunn Model Ts w/ two unkown brand cabs
an Original Ampeg Svt and a new Ampeg SVT II out of an Ampeg 8 x 10
a double neck First act half bass/ half guitar

A gibson les paul custom
An Orange Rockverb 100 full stack
and a Sunn 1200s through a smiley face era sunn 4x12 (i think)

Michio Kurihara:
A knock of gibson sg which was AWESOME!
2 reissue blackface fender twin reverb combo amps

Disappearer 9/10
Russian Circles 8/10
BORIS 10/10
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