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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Yeah, yeah. Awesome Cynic set. Whatever. (just butthurt because I missed it )

Somebody post something about IntrOnaut in one of these threads, please! Did they play anything new? Any news on the release of their new album? Did anyone hear them for the first time? If so, what did you think? Heavy as balls, no? Did anyone notice that the bass player pretty much leads the entire outfit, and that his guitar is almost as long as he is tall? Let's chat about these phenomenal mother fuckers for a second!
This show was my first time seeing Intronaut and even giving them a legitimate listen. They reminded me a lot of Mastodon, which is a very good thing. Their set started off slow but got progressively better. They do have some crushing riffs which I like a lot. Their best songs were their last two, Australopithecus and New Port. I'd definitely see them again.

And if my show was the only one Cynic cut those two songs, I'd like to know why...
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