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Motley Crue -- Portland, Maine -- April 23rd, 2005

Great show!!! The arena was packed with tons of hot, drunk,sweaty, Motley Crue chicks..Tons of pyro..There was so much smoke and fire that it set off the arena's fire alarm..For the last 2 songs all the lights in the venue were on and there was a loud siren and a loud voice message telling people to evacuate !! It was insane..People were flipping out...Tommy Lee announced that everything was OK and not to evacuate..the band and crowd were all laughing afterwards..It was definetly different....the crue have the whole "evil carnival" theme going throughout the entire show with stripper trapese chicks, midgets on unicycles, clowns,flame swallowing half naked chicks,a hooker on stilts and all kinds of fire and cool bombs and pyro..The stage is a huge carnival tent....It is quite the experience...Set list same as usual

Shout At The Devil
Too Fast For Love
10 Seconds To Love
Red Hot
On With The Show
Too Young To Fall In Love
Looks That Kill
Louder Than Hell
Live Wire
Intermission (small movie clip)
Girls Girls Girls
Wild Side
Don't Go Away Mad
Primal Scream
Glitter/Without You
Home Sweet Home
Nikki Solo
Dr. Feelgood
Tommy Solo
Same Old Situation
If I Die Tomorrow
Sick Love Song
Kick Start My Heart
Helter Skelter
Anarchy In The UK

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