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So let me start out the official gig report by saying that I got these tickets for only ten bucks, out the door, no fees, from LiveNation. It's the only good experience I've ever had with them. So anyway, based on who this band is and what they mean to me and how long I've been waiting to see them live, there's no way in Satan's good green Earth that I was going to be disappointed here. If I'd only have seen the first three or four songs and the band suddenly disappeared into thin air, I still would have been happy.

The bottom line is, knowing what I know now, I would have GLADLY paid the full price of fifty bucks (ticket price plus fees), to see this show. Hands down. No doubt. Furthermore, if they ever tour again (which I'm sure they will, because the very strong rumor is that there's a new album in the works for release sometime next year), the only thing that will keep me from seeing them is a red light from "The Boss" - that, or perhaps a herd of wild horses. Maybe. Depends how many there are.

So yeah, I don't even know what to say here. I'm still so jazzed from the experience that I don't know what to type for fear of gushing endlessly and creating a tome here. You guys know how I can be. The truth is, this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Ever.

Besides being eclectic and weird, besides being composed of truly exceptional musicians, besides being heavy as balls (at least at times), and besides all the other things I love about them, these guys are also a jam band at heart. This means that each and every show is a unique experience, and one never knows exactly what one is going to see. This is evidenced by their set lists, which have been morphing quite a bit from show to show.

Speaking of which - perhaps the single most awesome thing about this incredible experience was when they launched into the one song I have been pining away for - one which they had not played yet on this tour...that is, until last night. Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout Fisticuffs. Holy shit. It's as if my prayers to Les himself had been answered. You should have seen me - I almost lost my fucking mind. You'd have thought I had just won the fucking lottery or something.

Not to mention that they also debuted Mrs. Blaileen, one of the better songs from the Punchbowl album, and also played Mr. Krinkle for the first time since the opening show of the tour (in San Francisco - lucky bastards). Those, and Duchess, which has only been played twice so far this tour, plus Laws and Jig, which have only been played once.

Speaking of De Anza Jig, that was another nice surprise. On album, that song is just a silly throwaway track, basically (although it is quite catchy). However, the song comes alive in a live setting, when one sees Les standing up there plucking away at the electric upright bass that looks like the biggest freak of nature of an instrument since Jackie Perez Gratz's awesome electric death cello. As Les strummed and slapped away on that thing, I was transported to a fantasy carnival type of place, inhabited by freaks and geeks the likes of which could only be found at, well, a Primus show. Then, as the song ended, Colonel Claypool reached down and picked up a bow. Right then, I knew we were in for one of Primus's darkest and most evil-sounding songs...the inimitable Mr. Krinkle. Holy shit is that song chilling live. My skin literally crawled (and no, it wasn't from the contact buzz I caught from all the doobage being consumed in mass quantities all around me).

So anyway, anough rambling. You get the point, I'm sure. I enjoyed myself immensely. So did everybody else in attendance, which my brother and I were estimating at somewhere between six or eight thousand, maybe ten. The place was absolutely surreal for ninety minutes. People danced. They pogo-jumped. They threw their hands in the air like they just didn't fucking care. They moshed (holy fuckballs, did they mosh). They crowd surfed. They sang / screamed. They laughed and grinnned from ear to ear. A few passed out or puked. Sorry about the luck of that last bunch - but, the majority of us were treated to one of the best shows I have ever witnessed, and in my case, it was damn near fucking free. And son, you can't beat that shit with a fucking stick. (or a chair)

To anyone who is on the fence about going to see this tour - perhaps because of the somewhat high ticket price - FUCKING GO. Because you're in one of two boats: either the boat where you've never seen a Primus show before, in which case you're just going to have to trust me (and by the way, I'll just say "You're welcome" and "I told you so" in advance ) - or you're in the boat where you've actually been to a Primus show, and you know everything I said above is true (and then some) - IN WHICH CASE YOU ALREADY FUCKING KNOW THAT YOU SHOULD FUCKING GO. Either way, you really have no excuse. If you don't like Primus, then I'm not sure why you're reading this in the first place. If you do like Primus - even a little bit - you need to get your fat black ass (or whatever kind of ass you have) out to see this tour. You will NOT regret it.

P.S. - Satan willing, there will be a few vids up on YouTube soon. I'll let you be surprised as to which songs are covered.
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